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Bôme - Pharenós


Chapter 3


Episode 3

The Inquisition is a military organization, currently in control of the whole region of Bôme. Despite being located in Bôme they have influence over the entire Pharenós.


The organization was created sometime after the appearance of the first Nemesis, in the era of the first sorcerers. The goal of the Inquisition was originally to fight against witchcraft, they were the only ones able to fight against some infected sorcerers that became too powerful. Although today they are obliged to recognize the salutary work of the Nemesis Hunters, they largely contributed to shape a negative image of the infecteds, still deeply rooted in the collective unconscious.

The role of the Inquisition has diversified through the ages and now the management of witchcraft affairs is no longer its only assignment; They gradually became integrated with all the organs of power and exerts its influence within most territories.

On some islets, Inquisitors are mere security officers. On others, the Inquisition has replaced the government and exercises its power with an iron fist, going so far as to forbid the presence of any infected person.

They have a structured hierarchical organization that is composed of several ranks. Among these ranks there is a natural military organization but there is a special faction in the Inquisition, that of the Miracle Makers, the Thaumaturges. It is not reserved for inquisitors of a specific rank but nevertheless constitutes a closed circle reserved for elected officials.


Name Rank Miracle Status
Torque "The Beast"GeneralFantasia NullificationActive
Santori "The Peak"ColonelAstral ProjectionActive
Von TeppesCommanderTBDActive
LiselotteCaptainSword ControlActive
Konrad de MarbourgCaptainN/ADeceased
Dart DragunovCaptainTeleportationActive