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Ham manga
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Pointy ears
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Possibly deceased

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Nemesis (controlling them)


Chapter 10

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Hameline is a Domitor sorcerer.

She is the responsible for the attacks at Rumble Town alongside of her Nemesis.


Hameline is a young woman with pale skin and blonde hair. Her left eye is often hidden by a bang of hair. She wears a black and green coat with a hood, that resembles her Nemesis.


As a child, Hameline was always scared of other people because of all the hate she received for being an infected. As a result of being so hated, she always held a grudge against the people of Rumble Town and always held to the desire of seeking revenge for being treated that way.

Despite all that, she couldn't destroy Rumble Town in the end, and even decided to help Seth fleeing, admitting that she only wanted people to recognize her as a "person" not a monster.


Konrad de Marbourg

As a common soldier of the Inquisition, Konrad met Hameline when she was taken by as a child alongside other children. Despite being hated and feared by the people of the town, the previous Inquisition Captain was always kind towards her and the other children. After she and the kids tried to escape, the previous Captain gave her a flute to ease her tension. After watching Konrad kill the previous Captain and other two soldiers, Hameline discovered her power as a Domitor, controlling the Nemesis that invaded the Inquisition base in Rumble Town.

Konrad attempted to help her during her attacks in Rumble Town, but instead of killing the commoners and the infecteds (as Konrad wanted), she used this oportunity to destroy the North district that was used as a base for the Inquisition, alongside all of their weapons and soldiers.


At first, she sees him as an enemy for hurting her Nemesis, afterwards, she develops a bond with him understanding that even both experiencing the same pain as a child he found a better way to deal with it. She decides to leave her Nemesis with Seth and fight the Inquisition buying time for him to escape, which got her killed.