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Alma manga
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Alma (アルマ, Aruma?) is Seth's mentor and also who raised him.

Not much is known about her except that she is an incredibly powerful sorcerer. Powerful enough to scare Yaga, a member of The Coven of the Thirteen. It is unknown if her loss of memory is related to her curse.


Alma's hair, a huge disheveled one, is tied with a headband. She has a piercing in the right arch, as well as one under the lip and earrings. She dresses a purple vest with an orange blouse, black harem pants, and jester shoes. She wears several belts, to which various potions and other magical weapons are attached. She also has her right arm amputated.


Alma is a woman of strong character, most people think she is scary and intimidating. She gets angry quickly and often uses violence. Nevertheless, she is full of common sense, she knows how to show diplomacy, wisdom and even kindness. She never wounded civilians, even when they attacked Seth as a child. In particular, she treated well the villagers of Island 21 of Pompo Hills, despite the hostility they showed towards her.



She raised him, and acts as a mentor. The young man quickly manages to annoy her, because of his idiocy. Indeed, Seth can be relatively distracted, but he easily manages to hold her attention, by violence, among other things. Alma can sometimes be rude to him, not hesitating to point out his mistakes, and the lessons he must learn. Despite everything, she loves the young man and has always protected him. It is unknow how they met, since Alma doesn't remember part of her past.

A bandage in his right cheek creates a bond between them, since everytime Seth gets out of control she is able to feel his pain, just as he feels Alma's presence.

The Bravery Duet

First known as The Bravery Quartet, are the first antagonists who tried to rob Pompo Hills' bank while it was being under the attack of a Nemesis. Their leader is called Don Bossman ("Boss" for short). Alma caged them after the attack at Island 21 of Pompo Hills. She held them in captivity, to deliver them to the Inquisition, which never came. Later, when a group of Nemesis attacked the island, Alma released them so they could help her. They took the opportunity to escape. But, completely undressed and unarmed, the group quickly found themselves in trouble and running was their only solution. Alma then engaged in a fight against the creatures, under the admiring glance of Boss.

Dazzled by the sorcerer, he decided to put himself at her service, with Jiji, one of his subordinates. All that's known about the other two is that they wanted to take advantage of the state of Alma after her fight with the Nemesis but Boss said he "took care of them". Now they call themselves "The Bravery Duet".



Alma doesn't fully remember her past. All that's known is that during Seth's childhood she often went hunting for Nemesis, leaving the little boy alone, in the villages where they were staying. Like her apprentice, she was hated and rejected by others because she is a witch. Both were hunted, and sometimes even caged. For Seth to be safe when she was out hunting, Alma purchased an airship.